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Spring break 2005

Yoonmi’s Japanese vocabulary, beginning balance: 4

Yoonmi’s Japanese vocabulary, ending balance: 7

I arrived in Tokyo knowing only: sayonara, arigato gozaimasu, konichiwa, and most important of all kuro goma (which means “organic sesame,” a flavor for a cream puff). Thanks to Beard Papa, I learned some important Japanese vocab, as you can see above. Now, I have added: hai, sumimasen, and onegaishimas. I added a whole 3 words during one week. I am obviously a fast learner.

So, I think I gave you a good enough dosage of my intellectuality. Here are the pictures. May your eyes drool at the sexiness.


Kamakura - Hasedera Temple 20

Kamakura - Hasedera Temple 13

Kamakura - Kotoku-In 05

After seeing this temple, every other temple pretty much looked the same. Kinda like Europe with its cathedrals…you see one, you’ve seen all.

Kamakura - Hasedera Temple 25

Gina, Kat, Dawn, Hin, me, Dave


Asakusa - Five Storied Pagoda 01

Five Storied Pagoda in Asakusa

Asakusa Shrine 20

Asakusa Shrine

Meiji Jingu Shrine 01

Meiji Jingu Shrine

Meiji Jingu Shrine 09

Meiji Jingu Shrine 14

Payers for prayers, prayers for payers

Meiji Jingu Shrine 22

Our class picture, haha

Shibuya 01


Shinjuku 12

Shinjuku – J.Lee, Lex and I went to some small restaurant where the menu was completely in Japanese. So, we ended up throwing a coin onto the menu, and ordered whatever the coin landed on: raw squid and baked fish, washed down with some Sapporo.

jess and me

Okay okay. This is the day I dressed up nicely because I thought the girls would too but, everyone was in sneakers, and I got blisters wearing my pointy shoes. Woe is me. Or rather, WHOA is me…because I looked hot. I also like to blatantly overpuff my good looks in an attempt to make up for the lack thereof.

Toilet seat

And, I now end with the most massaging invention: the Japanese toilet seat heater, butt cleaner, and “front” cleaner. I tried it all…in more ways than one apparently, as I find out more and more about my drunken night, even 10 years later.

A memorable moment:

Walking around Asakusa…
[pursing the fingers together in Italian hand motion]
Ppa-cheeng-ko, Yooenmi (which is basically Pachinko and Yoonmi in what we thought to be an Italian accent).