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Lake Malawi, Malawi

Our time in Malawi was probably the most chill time we had in the 54 days. We camped 2 nights at Kande Beach which, for whatever reason, had the best wifi signal ever. You can be assured that we took full advantage of that.

We stayed 2 nights in Kande Beach and had the option of horseback riding, going on a village walk, snorkeling, among other things. Half the group opted to get laundry done, do some admin, and sunbathe on the sand with ciders in hand. In the afternoon, I opted out of snorkeling to the small island 800m away. The thought of swimming out there seemed too tiring and having seen Viv almost drown in the semi-treacherous waves with Alex, a former lifeguard, helping her back to shore, then seeing Courtney trail behind with someone’s missing goggle or flipper, I was glad to have made that choice. People actually warned that it would be tiring and that the normal option was to take a canoe out and then snorkel by the island. They totally disclaimered all of it when everyone rented out their snorkel gear and decided to swim instead.

At our next campsite at Chitimba Beach, we declared this our chilly bin/cooler punch night. Connor even managed to find a random ice vendor who sold us a box of ice. And, by “box,” I mean a box-sized cube of ice, a full-on rectangular prism probably the size of my head.

One part clean large cooler, many parts orange and apple, and an assortment of fruit juice, vodka, and gin. You know, your typical house party punch. The night ended with us lying on the beach in pitch black, with nothing but the light of the stars and the sound of the waves.

Mostly hungover, we opted out of the Livingstonia walking tour the next morning. Instead, several of us went on a easy village walk that began with a visit to a nearby school where we were cajoled into making donations, and ended at a fortune teller/witch doctor who dressed in a costume that could’ve been made by a third grader. He chewed off the glowing embers from a piece of wood that had been in a fire, then engaged in a dance that made his body do all sorts of vibrations.

While we asked him questions that were communicated via his translator, he kept shouting a truly guttural OOOO-WEE! I can only imagine that it was the power of whatever spirit that helped him to predict our very generic futures (“Your family misses you; You’ll have x number of kids”). I wish I had just stayed at the campsite and napped.

At the end of the day, we girls got our hair braided like badasses. (Photo credit: Alex)

Note: We were later told that it’s better to donate through our G CEO or a foundation. The direct donations into their cash box may be misdirected, if you catch my drift.

Visa tip: Malawi visas are known to be tough to get at the border but, we were able to get them at our border crossing without any issues. The cost at the time of this trip was $75.