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Spring break 2004

Five cities in four countries, jam-packed in 2 weeks.

Five girls and five guys (in descending luggage size order):
GQRich, Dave, HKJay, Jenn, HyeMi, Stella, Chinjay, Foon, Jess, me

Paris, France

In an attempt to diversify, I will try my best to post pictures that NO ONE ELSE has posted which therefore makes my entry extra special. I think.

Paris 01

Louvre 23

View from the Louvre

Eiffel Tower 15

View from the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower 04

Eiffel Tower - group pic2


Clearly inebriated and stuffing our faces with cotton candy while looking completely unflattering.

And now, a memorable quote –
On the metro: “Open it. Open it. Open it. Open it. Open it. Open it.”

Portbou, Spain

Portbou 04

Portbou 03

We had a brief stop in Portbou en route to Barcelona and were clearly wowed.

Portbou 08

Not posing…


Port Vell 01

Port Vell, with beautiful flip-flop weather

Temple de la Sagrada Familia 03   Temple de la Sagrada Familia 12

Front and back facades of La Sagrada Família

aquarium 09

At the aquarium, which falsely advertised having seals.

Quotes –
Sitting on the pier, Jenn points to the water: “Hm. Little fish.” ::silence::

In the communal bathroom, taking a shower next to 3 LOSER guys:
“Hey Christine, are you naked now?”
“Have you ever been between two naked guys before? It’s a sandwich!”

Rome, Italy

Colosseo-Palatino 10


Colosseo-Palatino 22

I don’t understand why we did the things we did.

Colosseo-Palatino 36

Colosseo-Palatino 35

Roman Forum

Vatican City

Vatican City 05

Vatican City 08

St. Peter’s Basilica

[Sistine Chapel]

I secretly took a picture of the ceiling (which is forbidden)…so I will not post that in case I get reported, and then imprisoned for copyright theft, and then sent to hell, as everyone keeps telling me.

Quotes –
On the train, Chinjay says with such assurance: “It’s ALL about who you know.” ::attempts to snap fingers but fails::

At Il Tunnel, Stella tries to translate the word strawberry into Italian: “Strohberry” HAHAHA.

Jenn (which I didn’t think was funny): “So I’m NOT alone…in this funny world.”

Jenn, AGAIN: “You don’t need to know what I did in the bathroom. All you need to know is that it got clogged.”


San Marco 10

San Marco

San Marco - Basilica1

St. Mark’s Basilica

gondola - girls pic2

A perfect day for the girls

gondola ride 03

And the romantic, yet non-romantic gondola ride

Quotes –

Jess, on the gondola: “:::water botttttleee:: :::gaaarrrbage:::”

Jenn: “I have a surprise for you….a pigeon leg!”

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich 07

Zurich 14

Zurich 23

I don’t remember any quotes from here…but I DO have a video clip of Peter trying to hit the green balloon at the Eurostar station. HAHAHAHA.

Okay, that is all.